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Deter Fraud, Minimise Shrink, Protect Profits


Here to help you understand and fight retail fraud, adding money back to your bottom line – where it belongs.

We can help you understand how internal fraud is affecting your organisation, show you how to fight it, and provide you with solutions to stay ahead of the evolution of fraud.

Our forensically-minded analytics platform thinks like an investigator – enabling loss prevention teams to quickly identify sources of fraud and the root causes of shrinkage.


Big Data Made Easy

Unique DataSphere technology specifically designed to store vast amounts of data, which is optimised for lightening fast results.


Pinpoint Invisible Fraud

IntelliQ’s intuitive fraud detection capabilities enable analysts to filter out operational noise or false positives within the data and identify both simple and sophisticated fraud carried out by unscrupulous employees.


Automated Reporting

Once a suspicious pattern of behaviour or weak process has been identified, analysts can model the activity within IntelliQ Blueprints. Blueprints allow analysts to create automated investigation reports and contextualised content for delivery to those who need it!


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